I graduated from a Fine Art degree in 1993 where I had spent my time learning how to weld and pour concrete. It has been surprisingly useful. It has, really! It came in quite useful during my years as a model maker in Bristol.

Drawing has been the thread that links all the disparate stuff I have done so far (the concrete pouring, welding, wax moulding and armature-making, even the teaching).

I have spent the past two and a half years on the part-time MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art and been busy developing as an illustrator rather than simply someone who draws. If you'd like to see more from that journey you can take a look at my blog here.

In October 2014 I was a finalist in a character development competition. This culminated in a Dragon's Den style event at the children's Media Conference in which I had both MacMillan and Bloomsbury bid for my 'Grotsby Snot' character.

I am represented by the Laura Cecil Literary Agency. If you are interested in commissioning work, please contact Laura via e-mail on info@lauracecil.co.uk. More info at lauracecil.co.uk